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la vie

mylonne.mozart 10 hours ago • updated by Squirrel Jo 3 hours ago 1

No "level up" post when leveling while offline due to pets

Damon Walcott 9 months ago • updated 9 hours ago 4

New camp

desilets7222 2 days ago • updated by Kayte / Angela 23 hours ago 2

Add and remove characters from owl conversations

hankan1235 2 days ago • updated by Kayte / Angela 23 hours ago 3

Can't choose a different login after logging out

Kayte / Angela 2 weeks ago • updated 23 hours ago 6

Possible Class- Ancient Studies

Chloe Lovegood 2 years ago • updated by Kayte / Angela 23 hours ago 10

Losing Galleons

USKiwi 4 weeks ago • updated by Kayte / Angela 23 hours ago 3

Redesign of the frog emoji

Valérie Brière 9 months ago • updated yesterday at 6:31 p.m. 3


Thijmen Vaalhaar 2 years ago • updated by Aella/Raven/Celosia yesterday at 6:30 p.m. 1

See in Shops which items you already have

Marmuc 2 years ago • updated by Aella/Raven/Celosia yesterday at 6:28 p.m. 1

Relashionship status

Camilla 1 year ago • updated by World of Potter 7 months ago 15

Either link to the specific person, or just "single" "married" "it's complicated" "pizza" etc...


Backstory Team Feature to Approve Backstories

Eden Cooke 1 year ago • updated by World of Potter 1 month ago 18

The backstory team spends a lot of time checking backstories of users. That’s why I feel like there should be a function to see what they actually do, also visible for other users.

So I thought of a feature with a function to leave a mark on the profile of a user with an approved backstory. (See image below) I think that would really make it more interesting to spend time on writing a backstory.

The blue check mark behind the name means that the profile is correct. 

"Backstory Correct:" is a function added for the backstory team to make sure a profile is correct. With a simple yes or no you can make sure that the profile has been checked correctly by the backstory team. This function has to be editable at all times.

I also would love to see that approved profiles end up in a ‘check again’ list in the admin panel. When they change their backstories. This list should be accessible for every backstory member. (See Image below.) This would make it much more efficient to check profiles. It also would filter the inactive users.

World of Potter 1 month ago

After discussing this topic it was considered that this is not possible. Backstories change approximately once an IG year, sometimes even more often. Every year at least the age is changed, sometimes also pictures, names and codes. This feature would mean a lot of work for the backstory team, since every small change would make the profile pop up again in admin section, and things like age changes or new friends in backstories don't need constant revision. It would put more pressure on the bs teams and not necessarily more order. The only positive thing it would do is sort out the inactive profiles, but the bs teams on the several sites already do a great job on that without the feature!
Furthermore, as it was already mentioned above, if the checkmark was visible for everyone, it could lead people to pester the the bs teams about getting it. If it was only visible for management it wouldn't make much sense, since they usually know when something is up with a backstory. 
So, although many of you wished for this, we decided that it's not a feature that we 're going to have on WoP. We're very sorry for any disappointment, but thank you a lot for all your input and ideas!


Add folders to owlery

Jada Nightflame 2 years ago • updated by World of Potter 1 month ago 20

You could create folders in your owlery, and you could rename them, for example "Quidditch" - I could add all the owls regarding Quidditch I have to that folder. Kind of like this:


Achievement Progress Tracker

Agnes Dupont 2 years ago • updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 5

I'd like to know how close to an achievement I am, like on the owl achievement saying "567/1000" so I know what I need to get it


Notification when a book comes out

Audrey Queen / Isaac Wilson 12 months ago • updated by Kayte / Angela 6 months ago 18

I used to be a librerian and when we finished a book and published it, we had to tell it on the chat that it was out so people could go and see it. So, I was wondering if we can put notifications when a book comes out, it would be easier and everyone, even people who aren't on the chat, could see it and go for it.

(sorry for the English, I'm French xD) 


Homework archive for AT's/teachers

Jada Nightflame 2 years ago • updated by Freya Sandberg 1 week ago 8

If a student has submitted an assignment, and a week later, you get to grade that exact assignment from someone else, it would be handy to be able to prove that it has been copied. Therefore I would like to suggest a complete homework overview that AT's/teachers can see for their subject, including name and date on which it was made.

So this also means the homework that has been graded by students and didn't need any grading from an AT/teacher. Because sometimes, a student comes across a piece of copied homework which they have read before while grading, and then they give a Troll. But as an AT/teacher, if you haven't read the original assignment, it's not possible to find out whether it really has been copied or not!

With an overview, an AT/teacher could easily find assignments that have the same sentences in them (so a search option would be handy). This would really help bring some fairness into the site :)


Triwizard Tournament!!!

Alex, Arrow, Nathaniel, Lukas 2 years ago • updated by World of Potter 6 months ago 17

A Triwizard Tournament with all the sits involved would be amazing!

I'd happily organise it!

World of Potter 6 months ago

We have now discussed this, and it would leave out too many non-english-speaking users.



Rodrik 2 years ago • updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 7

Alchemy is an optional subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to sixth and seventh-years. It concerns the ancient science of Alchemy, the study of the four basic elements, as well as the study of the transmutation of substances. I believe this would be a great addition to the classes/subjects on WoP for sixth/seventh years, And will help expand the range of subjects.

World of Potter 1 year ago

Other classes were chosen to be added. 


Editing/Deleting Posts

Mira Jones 2 years ago • updated by Coryu Kimura 12 months ago 15

I think it would be nice, if we were able to edit and/or delete our posts (Profile & Forum)
Sometimes you make small mistakes that you notice just as it is posted or you might change your mind about something, then it would be nice to be able to fix that (by either deleting and rewriting them or editing them)


Accurate character aging

Jada Nightflame 2 years ago • updated 10 months ago 16

You could give your character's birthday - just a one-time thing, it cannot be changed to prevent abuse - and around that day IC, your character will age up. Like my EU character's birthday is September 22nd, so technically, on September 22nd in the first year, she should turn 12. There are more people who have birthdays somewhere during the year and it's only until the next year that their new age shows, which could cause confusion in topics. My character age is technically 14 at this moment, but it'll show 13 until the end of the year.