Backstory Team Feature to Approve Backstories

Eden Cooke 11 months ago • updated by Meira Enya Blackwood 2 months ago 17

The backstory team spends a lot of time checking backstories of users. That’s why I feel like there should be a function to see what they actually do, also visible for other users.

So I thought of a feature with a function to leave a mark on the profile of a user with an approved backstory. (See image below) I think that would really make it more interesting to spend time on writing a backstory.

The blue check mark behind the name means that the profile is correct. 

"Backstory Correct:" is a function added for the backstory team to make sure a profile is correct. With a simple yes or no you can make sure that the profile has been checked correctly by the backstory team. This function has to be editable at all times.

I also would love to see that approved profiles end up in a ‘check again’ list in the admin panel. When they change their backstories. This list should be accessible for every backstory member. (See Image below.) This would make it much more efficient to check profiles. It also would filter the inactive users.


This is an amazing idea!


I think this would be an amazing feature! Though I have to add, some people change their backstories quite often, whether it be layout, pictures, names, or adding paragraphs of new school years. Can't help but wonder if those small changes won't give you and your team more work, since you have to check again and again for every small edit if their backstories are still alright according to the rules.


I think that once the profiles of all users are checked it makes it easier to filter the active people. Otherwise we have to go through all the profiles again which is even more work. And as you might know, there are a lot inactive profiles.

So I think that it will be a relief eventually. The only minor issue is that we have to go through all the profiles we already checked to put them in the system correctly, with the 'Yes/No' function. 


I think this is a brilliant idea. This will give the backstoryteam a lot less work to do.


I think this would only work if the mark of approval wasn't visible to anyone but management otherwise it'll do the opposite and create a load more work for the BS team since they will want the mark. And then pester the team again when they update their age for the new WoP year :P


I think that’s a good idea! I would love to see that the backstory team members are also able to see the mark, they are the ones who check the profiles after all. ^-^


I agree with Eden. BS+management, they're paid to do that work.

well it’s not that hard to change you age on your backstory.


I think this is an amazing idea and would save all backstory teams a ton of work. Great idea, Davin! 


I already loved the idea, but the fact that the new update with changing ages throughout the year makes it impossible to select on age with checking backstories makes this idea even better! Would love to have the mark visible to all the users, so people can be proud on their backstory and the job of the backstory team is appreciated! 


I like this idea! They do SOOOOOO much work.


Just wanted to bump this up because I think it's a great idea!


I like this idea, but then it would be great if they just bumped into the admin panel and they in there could approve/disapprove a profiles backstory, so it comes in like an assignment like the ATs gets our homework.

And another list where ppl without an bgh after x months will be shown. And the last list would then be ppl who has not made one 14 days after a warning.


OH! This is absolutely brilliant!

Would this only be for the Backstory or for profiles as well to check if they are realistic or not?


I think it's a wonderful idea!! There are lots of people who are asking for guidance for their backstories or have very poor ones that ultimately want to change but don't really know how. I think it's a great idea that'll definitely help to improve the profiles and the roleplaying of the users.