Editing/Deleting Posts

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I think it would be nice, if we were able to edit and/or delete our posts (Profile & Forum)
Sometimes you make small mistakes that you notice just as it is posted or you might change your mind about something, then it would be nice to be able to fix that (by either deleting and rewriting them or editing them)

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But show edit history, so that you can't just change the text to something completely different without anyone knowing what happened :D


Perhaps it could simply show that the post was edited, but not show what the previous state had been.


i think that is indeed a smart idea. because of what you said or when you notice a mistake you made. or when you forgot to add something, but it is always nice to see if there are offensive stuff that is changed


I don't think an edit history is a good idea. It kind of defeats the purpose.

But if you don't know what it has said before, it's really hard to check anything when there's problems. They can change the entire meaning of their post, they can first post offensive things and then change it to be within the rules before someone says something about it...


Then make it editable and for Prefects/staff members it's possible to see the earlier editions of the wall post :)


With edit history, anything offensive is still there until the post is removed, even if they change it. If someone finds something offensive, they should know to take a screenshot, especially if they're staff. That way if it's edited, at least people aren't continuing to see it and that person can still get in trouble for it. Even if they change it before it's screenshot, we would know to keep a more watchful eye on that person's posts. With that in mind, I think an edit history option would be counterproductive to keeping the site clean and safe.


A lot of sites much more simple that this has a WAY BETTER text mechanism, with possibilities to modifie, delete, use corsive and so on. So please, it really is not so difficult to make one for WoP!


I agree with this as I myself have made a few typos and only realised after I've posted

It would be nice to do it but also that when it comes to modifying, a message with the message has been edited so that others can see that it has been modified. For what may happen.


I like the idea but I think it has to be within an hour you can do so or until there has come an answer after your post, so you don't change it after ppl has made an answer to it.


I agree with that idea Tiffani, it would make sense since people have already reacted.


Well people can't reply within 1 minute, it would be better if you can change it within 1 or 2 minutes  so you can change some missspelld words.

So you can change it in 2 minutes time.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense!

I will say 5 minutes, 2 can go really fast if you make a longer answer, so if you say 5 you have some time and then maybe a future so people can't answer before that?

It would be lovely to edit posts!