Dark/Night Mode

Cade Brooks 8 months ago updated by Amber Hunt 1 week ago 8

I have thought of this yesterday while doing site work at an unreasonably late hour. As you might guess there are many users that access WoP at night, and often in a dark setting. The theme of WoP is lovely, however, it can be difficult on the eyes with all of its light colours and adjusting the brightness of the screen doesn't really help because after one point all it does is making everything more difficult to see. That's why I decided to propose a Dark/Night Mode. It would be fairly easy to implement as we would just have to change the colour scheme slightly or invert the backgrounds and texts. It could be selected from the User Settings or from a slider that would be located at the bottom left corner when you scroll all the way down. The colours of the usernames would stay the same to avoid confusion with the now white text. I made a preview of what it could look like by inverting the colours.

Please keep in mind that this suggestion is NOT to replace the current theme, but introduce an additional and optional one that you can choose if you want to.


Yes, Yes, Yes please!


We so need this

Yes, yes and yes :D


Posting a comment to update.


That would be so useful! We need this please!

A couple years ago someone made a special code to turn your screen to dark mode. I don't remember what happened to it or how it was applied to make it work on your browser but it was a thing that was going around at one point.