Welcoming Team on all WoP pages!

Elijah Stewart 2 years ago updated by Someone_not_me 8 months ago 5

Hi there!

I just recently re-joined WoP DK, only to discover, that they have a brilliant new team - the Welcoming Team! (Can't say how long it actually excisted, though) These fabulous people wear a pretty pink colour, making it a Student Job equal to Prefect, AT, Librarian, etc.

I would LOVE for that team to be spread out on all the WoP pages! It is a known fact, sadly, that many new users find it extremely difficult to get included throughout the sites (just to mention a little thing, the chat-box can be pretty scary, and unless you're already a part of it, excisting users - even those with colours - often ignore / miss it, when new users are trying to say 'hi'). And YES - I know, that 'making an effort' is a common advice given to new users, but not everybody finds that it's that simple. Shy, introverted people just doesn't keep on pushing.

I'm aware, that the Prefect-teams throughout the sites also play a big role, when it comes to welcoming new users, but with an actual Welcoming Team, the possibilities are so much more! On WoP DK you'll, for example, be contacted by a member of the team after a short while and be offered a variety of small 'challenges' to get started on site (eat a meal in the Great Hall, participate in a conversation in the chatbox, enroll a class, participate in a game in the House Club, etc.) - and for each challenge, you complete, you recieve a small gift.

I believe, that having a Welcoming Team, could play a huge role, when it comes to the welcoming and, above all, maintaining of new users.


Good idea, but doesn't each house hire their own welcoming team as a house/guild/cluster/etc team?


I find it unnecessary, when there are features on the site that gives people a welcome owl from their head of house and automatic messages from staff or other members of their house on their wall. There are also welcoming teams in most houses, so I just don't think it is necessary at all. Also if it were to come to other sites, the colour needs to be toned down, because it is way too bright.


On WoP US, we have Welcoming Teams too! Except they are not pink-coloured, the house leaders hire them, and they only welcome new students from their own house. We already have it!


In WoP US, each house has their own Welcoming Team. I'm part of the Gryffindor one, and I will say it would be nice if it was counted as an official job with different colored names.


On ther German WoP we have each house an intern welcoming-team.