Welcoming Team on all WoP pages!

Elijah Stewart 1 year ago 0

Hi there!

I just recently re-joined WoP DK, only to discover, that they have a brilliant new team - the Welcoming Team! (Can't say how long it actually excisted, though) These fabulous people wear a pretty pink colour, making it a Student Job equal to Prefect, AT, Librarian, etc.

I would LOVE for that team to be spread out on all the WoP pages! It is a known fact, sadly, that many new users find it extremely difficult to get included throughout the sites (just to mention a little thing, the chat-box can be pretty scary, and unless you're already a part of it, excisting users - even those with colours - often ignore / miss it, when new users are trying to say 'hi'). And YES - I know, that 'making an effort' is a common advice given to new users, but not everybody finds that it's that simple. Shy, introverted people just doesn't keep on pushing.

I'm aware, that the Prefect-teams throughout the sites also play a big role, when it comes to welcoming new users, but with an actual Welcoming Team, the possibilities are so much more! On WoP DK you'll, for example, be contacted by a member of the team after a short while and be offered a variety of small 'challenges' to get started on site (eat a meal in the Great Hall, participate in a conversation in the chatbox, enroll a class, participate in a game in the House Club, etc.) - and for each challenge, you complete, you recieve a small gift.

I believe, that having a Welcoming Team, could play a huge role, when it comes to the welcoming and, above all, maintaining of new users.