Field Trips!

Bella Brono 1 year ago updated by Kayte / Angela / Zara 1 year ago 4

I was thinking if we could have field trips for our subjects. Like perhaps the trips with the teachers somewhere to learn something that is related to what we have for a assignment or test. Maybe you can have a area where everyone goes to and voice out things like they have us do to turn in our assignments. Maybe we can get graded for participating to that?

I think that would be pretty cool like the movie.


Like this idea. Instead of assignments, we can learn at a field trip.


I believe you can always suggest your teachers to make a field trip in their lessons ? Like, the lesson before exams, the assignment is to write about the field trip, what you've seen, learnt, etc

Totally need to speak to the plot team about this or sign up for teacher position.