Can't choose a different login after logging out

Kayte / Angela / Zara 12 months ago updated by anonymous 11 months ago 7

As many people on WoP/WoX do, I have multiple accounts, each with their own email. Many times, after I log out of one, I am taken to the main page of the site. I press "Login" and the usual dropdown to put in your email and password comes down, however, when I try to change the email that is in there, it doesn't allow me to type in it or change what is there. This bug is sometimes fixed by refreshing, but other times, I just can't  change what email is in the bar.


Thought it was my laptop, but I suppose not :') Would be awesome if this could be fixed!

Im guessing this is a browser issue, as I am not having this, i can choose any of my users when i log in and change the contents if needed.  :)


I think this may just be an issue with your computer...


I also have it, brand new computer, tried on different browsers. I don't receive an email to change the password.