Folders for items in your chest

Marleen Watson 2 years ago updated by Timimo 1 year ago 5 3 duplicates

I have a ton of items in my chest and I sometimes have difficulties finding them. Therefore I would suggest creating folders like 'Food', 'pet food', and the like. You could also create your own folders to keep things organised. Sincerely, a person with mild OCD :D

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I like this idea! Food, drinks, books should have their own folder where the items go automatically. The other items might be a bit harder to organize, but with custom folders you could send items to folders on your own. That way you can also create folders for your own liking. For example Vault, which would also serve an In Game purpose for our character.


Allowing each user to create their own folders could be rather complex. Perhaps it would be easier for the website (using less data per second) if everyone has fixed folders in their chest. The site knows which items are for sale at Honeydukes so it might be easier to establish an automated process in which stuff purchased at Honeydukes is being put in the Honeydukes folder in a user their chest?

I love this idea! I was just about to suggest it myself, when I found your post. As a person who loves to categorise things, I hope this will be a thing :)