More visable Rules/Guidelines

Crystal White 4 years ago updated by Sean Hanworn 3 years ago 5

Just a little suggestion about how to make the Rules and Guidelines more visable.

Not everyone goes on click and try round when they're new on a page and I think it'd help to have links to the Rules/Guidelines at the top of the page between links to places and the map. I believe it would make it easier for new players (and others) to find them as they'd be more visable and only one click away.


Seems like good idea from me. +


An additional thought could be to change "guidelines" to "guidebook", which would be more accurate... Although I suppose technically each site can do that on their own.

Guide or guidebook seems like a more accurate choice of word, as guidelines are closer to rules in meaning (as far as I know, at least).

So, rename it Rulebook and Guidebook in addition to relocating the links to them?


I thought of another thing about same problem... Maybe it should be the first site to come in to after being sorted?

This would be cool, cos then the new peeps would see it and click, cos its kinda hard to realize they're under that prof dropdown thing