IG - Birthday cake

Harri J. Toepfer 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 5 1 duplicate

It would be great if the birthday cake appeared on the date of the IG-Birthday of the character and not on the RL-Date (because many people didn't use their real birthday, but the birthday of the character).

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The cake is to show a persons IRL birthday. Having the cake showing everytime a person had birthday ingame would make it way less significant to have and so many would have it each day throughout the year.


I see ur point, but this would make cakes on a lot every single day... I'm not a fan of this.


Each day every year makes no sense... That would implicate a person having about 80 accounts - which is impossible. And even if it makes it insignificant, it should be the ingame birthday that counts. Otherwhise where's the point in showing the character's IG-birthday?


I am not entirely sure I get what you mean, but I will try to say from from I understood.
The problem with having it as the IG-birthday would mean that each day there would just be birthday cakes everywhere on the map, which would just become messy really quickly. I don't personally care about my IG birthday, but I do care about my IRL birthday and hope that my friends are excited for that as well. I would really not care if a person had birthday ingame as it happens every 11 weeks and there would be a lot that still haven't changed their IG birthday, so expect a lot of cakes on the first day of week 1.