Homework Font

Ariss 3 years ago 0

So I was doing homework the other day, and I italicized my character's thoughts, like I usually do on the other RP sites I use. It gave me all the font options. All of the sentences I wanted italicized were italicized before I submitted my homework. But after, none of it was. Multiple people who graded the homework commented that my charrie's thoughts weren't distinguishable, and a few suggested using asterisks (*) instead.

I find that asterisks distract you while reading, unless they're used in OOC text. When I asked about the italics option, one of my friends told me that it's a VIP-only feature. 

My request is this: if the option really isn't going to be available to non-VIP, please don't make it visible as an option. Don't make it look like it works when it doesn't. It's frustrating, and I doubt I'm the only one who thinks so.

Thanks for reading,