Specific forum for complaints and/or heated discussions

borjalyokox 3 years ago 0

Greetings. Recently there have  been some problems in the spanish community of WoP and people have been trying to argue about it through the chat, and I understand that's no place to do it since many staff members have been warning the users to stop talking about that in the chat, but they have been ignored since, according to the users: ''These topics concern us all and should be discussed publicly rather than by private messages (Owls)''. Many users like me don't want to be involved in such problematic conversations and feel like they're interrupting the correct functioning of the website.

That's why my suggestion is to create a specific forum in the web for complaints, heated discussions, and all those things that, although they shouldn't be discussed in the chat, concern all the community.

Kind regards, Aidan Bathory.