A Clock According to WoP Time

Jiya // Theodore 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 5

There are people who are from different time zones that varies from little to a a lot of time difference than World of Potter EU. And because I live in a different time zone, I am facing a little trouble with the timings. For example, due to the Daylight Saving Time Change, my whole schedule got messed up. I barely know what time is it in WoP. 

All I want is a little clock that shows what time it is in the timezone WoP EU is in. That clock can be in the drop down menu. And when we click our profile picture, we could also see the WoP time along with our money, health, and level. 




How Adding a Clock in the Drop Down Menu that Shows WoP Time will help (me and other users too probably)

  • People will be able to keep track of time 
  • There won't be too much confusion regarding the time
  • Users will know how much time left until something (for example when something is due...)
  • I will be able to schedule Quidditch practices easily according to my and WoP time

The clock can just be like the timer for Quidditch, just in the drop down menu (so you can access it no matter what page you're on)

Thanks! <3


could there be also a date? like 16 november, 3 march etc?


What would be the use of this? Most people know the date, but the time is hard because it's hard to figure out the time in a certain place due to timezones.

ah, then i guess i am an exeption, sorry.  :)

I had no idea its christmas already but I knew what time to be where. 

But no matter, Iets have a clock at least :) I will try to keep up with the date ;)