Answering Wallposts

Nym 4 years ago updated by daniella.standridge 3 years ago 5

Hello again! (I have been spamming this site I know) I have an idea for when you answer wall posts or articles. As we all know you can add a comment, but I think it may be great if you could add a direct answer. So if someone writes a comment and you want to answer that you can. The answering comment can be somewhat different from the original comment.

Pros - It is easier to answer different comments, without adding any confusion

Cons - May appear messy

I'm confused, what is the difference?


I believe what they are suggesting is a way to reply to specific comments on posts / articles rather than the post / article itself, as I'm doing with your comment right now. I'm specifically replying to yours, rather than posting generally on the suggestion. 

It specifies who is being replied to, rather than leaving it up to the reader to assume.