A Password for the Prefects' Bathroom

Mathilde Prewett 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

I think it would be a good idea that - just like in books - the Bathroom at the 3rd floor be blocked by a password.

I mean for example, you want to go inside, you click on the link and it asks you for the password. If you don't have it, you can't go inside.

The Prefects' Chef would be the one which choose and change it sometimes (maybe once a year ?) and give it to the Prefects and the Quidditch Captains (once again, just like in the books).

Obsviously it doesn't become a forbbiden zone, because if they want, "normal" Students could totally obtain the password from their friends (or from the best marketers, who knows ?).

Thanks for reading me ! And sorry for my bad english :)


Although this would be an interesting idea, but it would support and promote private topics, as only certain people could get inside. You say that students could obtain the password from friends or "marketers", but if someone doesn't have many friends, or is generally shy and quiet, people may not be willing to give it to them as they don't know them. 

It would easily make users feel left out and it contradicts some of the main rules of the site.

Thank you for your comment Kayte !

I really don't think it would support or promote private topics, even if I understand your point of view.

Yes, the place would be reserved for some people only. But anyone in those people could come in a topic, like anywhere else.

In Hogwarts (I mean in the books or the movies), no one has the access except Capitains or Prefects, and nobody cries about it. Harry himself has no idea of this room's existence, until Cedric gives him the password to get in.

Of course someone which arrived yesterday can't afford access in the bathroom, but I really think that a lot of student would give it to others and that way it would be really more realistic.