Becoming an Animagus

Max Mors 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 4

So i came up with a really cool (and also difficult) way of how one could become an Animagus on the site, which they can then use in RP'ing! It would also add that you are one too your profile, something to be proud of!

first you need to have completed the transfiguration lessons about Animagus!

So step one would be to hold the mandrake leaf in your mouth for a month (or one IRL week). this could be done by people buying a mandrake leaf and making it so that they'd have to consume a mandrake once every few hours (this would require being active)

the next part would be the daily reciting of Amato Animo Animato Animagus which you could make a quest too owl that sentence to a person(you could even go for a different person) each day. You could also make them put it in chat or a text box specially made for it.

At the end you should brew this potion:

  1. Place the now-soaked Mandrake leaf in a small crystal phial where it is struck directly by the light given off by the moon (if the night is cloudy or the moon is otherwise obscured, the entire Mandrake Leaf process will need to be repeated).
  2. Add one strand of hair to the phial.
  3. Add a teaspoon of dew to the phial.
  4. Add one Death's-head Hawk Moth chrysalis to the phial and place the mixture in a dark, undisturbed place until the next lightning storm.

this would require a high level potions course to be completed. Maybe 5th or even 6th year! and a person would need all the ingredients in there inventory (which they can of course buy in the store.)

they can then consume the potion and they would need to answer a list of questions to determine what kind of Animagus they are. You could add a lot of different animals, making it quite unique when 2 persons share the same animal

It would be a long progress that would require activity to be completed, but when completed it can be something to be very proud of!

You can change certain parts of the execution i wouldn't mind, i just like the idea a lot

Thanks a lot all <3







Animagus is a status that you win in a competition on the site.


Animagus is a status that you win in a competition on the site.


never even knew that haha! then i didn't say anything ^^

if bing an Animagus wasn't something you won it should be easy.