Make Juli and Augsust seperated

Michael van Doorne 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 5

can we please make juli and augustus 2 seperated months so you can have a 2 week brake after the examens

* Can we please make july and august two separate months, so we can have a two week break after the exams! <3
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But I like it! It gives you more time for the summer vacations and more time for teachers to renew their lessons!


Technically you would have only one week break after the exams, because July would be week 11 (examweek) and August would be week 12 so holiday.

But I would definetely want this and I agree with Maera, it gives teachers time to work ahead on the year.


I don't say it's a totally bad idea with a month more, but I think, what I know from another site, that the holiday weak will be the most boring year for most of the users. U can't do that many things..