More animals

Alexand 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 1 year ago 5

Specially know that Fantastic beast are hitting the HP univers, the idea of more animals to purchase, also rare animals could be nice. Like to buy a phoniex, nifflers, or Bowtruckles. Thes rare more expensive


Agreed as long as it’s realistic animals. I mean no one has a thestral in their backyard. It could be fun to have a lot of animals and more things to do except classes. It could be to get a niffler you would also have to own a thing from the shop and to maybe own a thestral you have to own something crazy and expensive...

WIth the new pet update, some of the rarer pets can not only expensive, but the user must also pass year 6 or 7 of Care of Magical Creatures to have the ability to purchase the pet. This is just to ensure that they aren't buying crazy pets when they're still 12 year olds...

True but when you can buy all it could be nice to achieve rare pets by doing some more ❤️