Adding different ways of typing the worlds in Peeves corner

Marcus Moody 3 years ago updated by Elian Venture 3 years ago 6

Example: Today I answered one of the questions. The question was about the silver coin in Harry Potter currency. I answered Sickle and got it wrong. Different iterations of the word would be great.

For some answers this is a good idea, like the "cane" riddle (which I still haven't answered correctly for some reason...) but to me it looks like you put it with a capital S and it's stated on the page that all answers to the riddles must be in lower case letters ^^


It would also be good if they would show you the solution when it is wrong

no because you can get the question next week, u should not get the answers before u get it right.


I think it's fair to get the solution because there are questions you are sure that it is right and it is just a tipo which makes it wrong and that is a thing at least I would like to know. For example, some days ago I had the question: What is the nickname from Alistair Moody, I think it is Mad Eye Moody and answered it and got it wrong. So I would like to know why it is wrong.

Perhaps a hint could suffice, but giving away the entire answer would defeat the purpose. 

I shouldn't be too hard implementing those changes. Regarding the Moody question, there could have been several different answers which were right: Mad Eye Moody, Mad Eye, Mad-Eye etc. I agree that sometimes it is difficult to understand exactly which of the answers you are looking for.

Also, maybe it could be changed so that it doesn't matter if you write in capital letters or not. It's really frustrating when I forget a capital letter and get the answer wrong :) The purpose of Peeves corner is to test our knowledge, and therefore I think it's unfair if you get the answer wrong just because of formalities.

(I don't know which programming language is used, but this implementation shouldn't be more than a line or two)