Making a button in the owlery that makes it possible to pick all owls on one site.

Andreia Caegan 4 years ago updated by Akkarin Graham 12 months ago 3 2 duplicates

It would be lovely to have an option in the owlery that makes it possible for you to pick all owls on a site and then delete them all at once - also making it possible to go down and remove certain owls from the chosen ones in case some of them are not to be deleted.

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I would rather think a select all button, because else you might accidently delete an important owl


This would be very helpful for  all HoHs !


I'd like to pick up this idea again. If you send multi owls it's so nasty to tick every single one to get them deleted. It could be a function which is called with a permanent left-click, so you could swipe down with the cursor to tick all owls to group or delete them?