Send gifts to multiple people at once

Jada Nightflame 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 11

This would make especially the Head of House's work so much easier. Sometimes, you have to send 5 of the same gifts, and it can take ages. But it's also handy when you want to treat your friends to something. So with this idea, you could enter multiple names in the receiver field (just like with owls), add your message, and then a gift would get sent to all of the receivers, with the same message. And if you add for example 2 people, and change the gift amount to 5, they would each receive 5 gifts. So then you give out 10 gifts at once


Thank you soooo much!! It works perfectly :D Though the recipient field bar is gone, which used to be white:

But it still works, so thanks! :D 

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Yes please.. this would be perfect!!


Yes! This would save so much time!


This would be really handy for the Homework Corner we have too, as everyone who participates gets the same little gift!

Update: I now have to give 15 of the same gift to 15 different people :'(


Please do this, it would be so great and helpful and would save a lot of time for all HoHs and every user in general!

Would not only be usefull for HoHs, but also gifting gifts for the Plotteam. I really like this idea!


This would be sooo helpful ! 

Would save a lot of time for all HoHs