Additional Assignment Submission Achievements

Avis Weaver 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 4

On WoP sites there are around 900 assignments for Hogwarts, and with the inclusion of PG classes on sites applicable, this increases to over a thousand in many cases. On WoP UK for example, there are 1150 assignments which can be completed. For reference, UK has Flying as Y1-3 and Astronomy as Y4-7, and 7 PG classes with 4 as 3 year courses and 3 as 4 year courses (910 Hogwarts assignments and 240 PG assignments in total).

However, the assignments submitted achievement only goes up to 500 submitted, before jumping straight to all assignments.

Therefore, I believe an achievement for 750 assignments (and 1000 assignments for applicable sites) would be a good way to motivate students to pursue the top achievement of all assignments submitted to all courses, which of course is well over a thousand assignments on most sites.

Wouldn't this also discourage users as much as motivating them? Knowing that there is a potential 700 assignments before they complete the homework aspect of the game could be hard on new, or 1-3 in-game year users. classes add up after a while, so it could become the woodcutters challenge, where they think they have done better, but are really only paying attention to homework on the site, and the focus has at that point moved away from the fandom, roleplay, and fun.

Perhaps - that being said, you can tell how many assignments there are anyway simply by looking at the lessons available - each core class clearly has 10 assignments every year and 70 in total. It's quick maths for an interested party to add them up. Achievements are awards for meeting milestones on site - homework is there for character development and as with any other achievement or aspect of site, there is no compulsion to complete all of them. Extra achievements would merely be accessible for those who may wish to pursue them.

Oh, I can see that too, it would be fun to have, I Just wasn't doing all the math myself, the biggest downside is that some sites have more classes, and some have less, so I mostly wonder if MoMs can add the achievements themselves? If so, I think it would be great to contact them!

This is mainly a suggestion for WoP sites which is where I'm from, and on those there is a fairly fixed number of classes, both at Hogwarts and PG - UK has slightly less than US and EU too as far as I am aware and is still comfortably over a thousand - although I can't speak for other WoP sites in other languages. I believe MoMs on WoP need permission to add new achievements and there is an illustration team which handle the designs for this, hence I've brought it to suggestions :)