Higher expectations for assigment entries

Kimmie Vance 4 weeks ago updated by Drew Aliyeva 3 weeks ago 2

I would like to see higher expectations for assignment entries. An assignment that requires Diary or RPG format but the student submits and entry with less than 75 words should not get a passing grade. I'm just sick of seeing two sentences that barely answer the assignment requirements being passed as Outstanding work when others write so much detail and add so much creativity getting the same grade. Grading system seems unfair. We should be expecting a bit of effort.


Dear Kimmie, 

we completely understand your request. Since the grading system varies a bit from site to site (in regards of what deserves outstanding, what deserves EE), please turn to the MoM and HM of your site with this request. 

Just to comment on why I think it is as it is: The site allows users to grade, so giving them guidelines makes sense. It would just be hard to enforce people giving the correct grade, if people would begin to decide what is effort for them. I completely understand the request though, but I think it would just be hard to do without removing the ability to grade from users and only give it to teachers and AT.