A way to gift or give your friends Galleions

Taylor Blackheart 1 year ago updated by Nathaniel Floyd 1 year ago 4

I think it would be a good idea to make a way to give and recieve galleons to and from friends. Cause when your low on galleons you can ask a friend for help like your friends can ask for help if needed. just and idea i had..

I think the problem with this is that people could abuse the system (with alts), which is why its not an option. 

Ahh i understand that.. I didn't think of that


Unfortunately this will not be possible for the reason mentioned above. It would open up the way to people who want to cheat by creating dozens of accounts and transferring all the money to their main one. 
If you want to help a friend out who wants to buy an items but doesn't have enough galleons for the moment, why not gift them the item instead? (: 

Perhaps there could be some way to still make this work?

If, for example, there were some feature in place that prevented you from sending galleons to your own IP Address. This would stop people from abusing the system, but would still allow us to help out our friends.