The free meal says 00:00 until next free meal

Zoey Pallas 1 year ago updated by Tenebrent Salven 1 year ago 8 4 duplicates

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I get this quite often, it's really annoying not to know how long until a free meal when it's a site that I haven't yet memorized the times for (aka every site).


this always happens to me!!!!!!


This should have now been fixed :)

I was wrong, at least, for some sites :P


log of and on again works for me if the timer is stuck on 000000


The timer is broken. So, when the timer is stuck on 00:00:00, then it is because you missed all meals that day.


When it shows that, then it means that all the available meals have been done on that day. It has been a bug for some time, so it would be a nice thing to have fixed.

I get this right in the middle of free meal times.