Light coding in topics

Elijah Stewart 4 years ago updated by Anitaxn 2 years ago 4

I would like the opportunity to use light coding when answering topics - something as simple as Bold and Italic to highlight direct speech or thoughts, as it would ease the overview in topics with longer answers. I know VIP-members have the opportunity, when creating a topic, but I would like it to be possible in the subsequent replies as well. Only available for VIP's.


As a VIP you can also use a little html in topics. Just type <b>for bold</b> and so on. It works.


This is correct, but having the editor when posting a reply on a topic (just the same as when creating a topic and sending an owl when you have VIP) would be a small extra feature that makes it easier for the ones that are not familiar with the bb-codes.

It's totally okay with me, as long as the 'Sourcecode' button will be there. :")

If the sourcecode button would be there, it's not ''light'' coding anymore :p