Speedier Feeding Process for Pets

Saffie Leabrook 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 months ago 1

There might already have been some mention of this in the past, but I couldn't see anything regarding this particular suggestion xD so here I gooo

For people who have only one pet and just need to duck into their chest, click once or twice and begone, the current system of pet feeding works well enough. For people with more pets, though, or even just hungry pets, the current system is a little tedious, and can be a bit of a pain when you have to keep ducking back and forth and refreshing to see how full your respective pets' hunger bar has grown. So what if there was a way to cut out the "middle man" and feed pets directly from the pet page? 

Essentially, my suggestion is that when you click the cog at the top right of a pet, beside the change name/set free/etc options, there would be another button: 'Feed'. If you have no food in your chest, an error would pop up (much the same as it would if you tried to cuddle two times in two seconds); if you had enough food, you would be able to quickly click 'Feed' for all your pets from the pet page itself. You'd be able to feed while already stepping onto the page to cuddle them, and would be able to assess just how full or empty their bar is as you do so, as it progressively rises. Plus, it would save a heck of a lot of effort for people with loads of pets, hungry pets or both, who have to scroll for ages and keep on continuously clicking and hunting for the right name in the process of feeding. 

Based on the amount of food in your chest, the 'Feed' option could also use up multiple items of food to fill up the entire bar, but I understand if that option isn't as possible as just clicking 'Feed' once, and using one item of food. I know there's also more than one type of pet food – maybe a small pop-up appears after you click 'Feed' asking which item of food you wish to use as well? Just a bunch of ideas to contribute to the overall concept of a button which could make the process smoother, quicker, and easier for everybody involved ;)