House Points Updates for WoP

PamonaBones 2 years ago 0

I think it would be awesome to make House Points not only more realistic to how they are in canon, but also to make them more accurate when it comes to grading. 

It has already been suggested, but allowing management "working" in Hogwarts (HoH, professors, prefect leads, HM) to give or take House Points would be amazing. We could have a set list of how many points to be given/taken. For example - if a user is frequently seen being kind to others in chat and helping them find their way around they could get 5 House points. Or if they are breaking rules constantly and given an official warning they would lose 10-20 House points. This would encourage users to follow the rules, and also to make the site a more welcome place for all! 

Another thing that could use an update would be that grading punishments take away House Points. It's not really fair those that speed grade and get punished to still be earning more points than those doing so correctly. I have been told this was a glitch that has been fixed, but I figured I'd add it here just in case the points were still remaining when someone was punished. If they are taken, disregard XD <3