Getting Runaway Pets Back!

Liza Blackwood 2 years ago updated by Squirrel Jo 2 years ago 4

Hello everyone, I see that most of us have like pets. One or more, they have been run away and there is no way to get them back. Well, I have an idea to get them back. By maybe doing an achievement! Making your homework or Grading your homework, there will be like a mini-game, to get your pets back! Maybe a Maze or a puzzle you must solve.

But there is a catch to this. You can only bring your pets back three times after it is run away. After the third time, it will stay lost forever. Otherwise, it can go on and on an on! Also, the AT teachers who grade through the Admin page, wouldn't get the achievement. Furthermore, I know most people have probably more than two pets, so there is also a limit to get your pets back. This limit would be maybe 4 or 5.

So tell me what you guys think, also if you have also another idea to get the pets back!


In my opinion it is a great idea!


I love the idea of the puzzle or minigame ! However I'm not really into the grading stuff - this could encourage people into speedgrading and not taking much care of the homework they have to read. 


Alright Squirrel Jo, Do you have maybe an idea what kind of achievement what else than Grading or Making homework we can do, to get Pets back after they ran away then?