Ability to drag and reorder lessons

Nobel 2 years ago 0


Currently on WoP US, I am a newer professor. Now, I am trying to alter a lot of the lessons to fit my liking, and for a lot of those, that means rearranging lessons around and the order of which they appear. Some of them I keep with the same general tone and overall theme of what the past professors had, so for the time being I just put it in the same spot. But when I go to change it around again, and I want to put it in earlier in the year, I have to go through each individual lesson and copy and paste into the next week, which is not only annoying, but time consuming. So, much like how you can rearrange whole classes and years, I think you should be able to drag and reorder lessons.

I'm sure this would be a great help to not only myself, but others!