Send Multiple Individual Iris Messages in One Message

Aramis Auden 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

So, we can all send group Iris Messages (or Owls), but I think it would be very beneficial if we had the ability to send messages out to multiple people with only one message, but it be individual messages instead of group messages. This feature could make peoples color jobs significantly easier when there is a need to message multiple people, but want it in individual messages.

Is that basically a "CC" feature like in emails? Because I could get behind that in regards to like... you know when people REPLY to said group email and suddenly you have 3958495 unread.

Yes, I would say it is something like the "CC". I think this would also help you to be able to read and keep peoples replies separate and easier to sort out because it can become a hassle and hard to keep track of specific replies in a group message