House Points and XP

ellahassall12 2 years ago updated by Squirrel Jo 2 years ago 1

I reckon there should be more Opportunities to earn house points and xp, such as quizzes, polls and minigames, and as well with a more explicit way of saying 'do this activity to earn points/xp' 


You can already earn House Points with homework (grading & submitting) and Peeves's Corner. There are even more ways of getting xp (like, logging in on a daily basis, having happy pets, chatting, roleplaying, owling, and gaining house points of course). This should be all explained on your site's guidelines - if not, you can contact your admins to suggest them these additions. Moreover, quizzes, polls and minigames aren't very much related to the Harry Potter canon - homeworks are, in comparison. Therefore I don't believe such an implement would be necessary nor doable.