archive of your old Fcs(and a little praise)

Galaxy Nova 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi there! You may know me on WoP, Yes I am Galaxy Nova and right now you may noticed that I'm less active on WoP.(Cuz I can't multi-task =.=) Its because as of right now I'm super active on WoO, WoFT, WoW and on WoS and I'm not on WoG no more but i may make a alt and log in my former account and delete it(I'll tell you why later also). And so I want to thank you so much for making theses WoX sites they means so much to me and I'm glad to be apart of the WoX family! Anyways on to my Idea!:

I was struggling to find my old FC on WoS(Won't tell you why) and a idea pop into my head

What if there's a archive of your old FCs and so you can switch new Fc with your old ones anytime.

Plus as a bonus you don't have to save every gosh darn FCs you have! :D 

So everytime you change you old Fc with a new one your old AND new FC will be saved into your archive!

I hope you like my idea!~ Bye!

PS: On WoG I accidently put in a wrong year of when I was born so yeaaahh.....


i think you might mean profile picture, unless you switch the person you are using everytime.

One of the reasons why I see this wouldn't work would be because of the unnecessary space those pictures and gifs would take up on the servers. In the past we had so much trouble with the site being slow. So this would perhaps make the sites slow again.


Oh! I understand! (yes i meant profile pics) I just didnt know the sites was having trouble back then thank you for telling