when you give a present, send a owl in the same time

matarclight 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

It could be nice if we could send our owl to give presents

For example: I send a broom to a friend, it could be nice if I could send my owl to this friend at the same time. The friend could hug the owl ( eventually feed it ) and thank me by a little message that the owl give to me after

I'm afraid it would be way too much notifs for one present... 

owls and notifs don't display in the same icon (there's the owl icon and the notifs icon). Also if we send a lot of gifts (for example heads of house), both sender and receiver will end up with a super messy owlery. You can already send a message with your gift - just pretend it's like an owl. If you're just looking for cuddles, I guess you can ask on your wall ?


it's just a question of realism, when we have an owl ( animal ), it is not really usefull without RP, and of course I will do RP with it, but if we could just send our own owl with a message or a present, I think it could be nice, that's all

A notif = present / message + owl, and the person who receive could hug / feed owl if she want