See who reads topics (read description, name doesn't make sense)

Mirdoll 3 years ago updated by Evallia 2 years ago 2

It would be really fun to see who's reading your topics in a list in the topic, either with usernames or just as a counter on the side of the meta-description.

Additional idea:
As, say, 10 different people have read/followed the topic it will get a bronze-marking, 50 people the topic gets a silver-marking, and 100 people a gold-marking. I think this would motivate more quality threads.
And if anyone were to break a rule or something in the thread the marking would either disappear completely or go down one step (this done by the prefects).


Anything with identifiers (names of people) I wouldn't approve and I think would actually stop people from following topics because they like their privacy more than you think. An anonymous counter seems alright, though.

Ich am not sure about the names or the markings, but i feel like a View-Counter on the topics would be really awesome too. Totally support that idea! I think to see that a few people actually read in, ecourages some of the lazy repliers to answer a little more ambitious. It is fun to see, that people are interestet in your nonsense after all! *thumbs up*