Correct homeworks

mo.tajon 3 years ago updated by Elsalinde / Robin 3 years ago 1

As a student of Hogwarts and diligent pupil you do homeworks.

But if you wait weeks and weeks in Real Life  before you see your note for the work it is demotivating. You don't know, is your style good or bad. Can you go on with this style or must you chance something.

At the end of the year you want earn points, but your homework doesn't be correct before the year ends. And so your house doesn't win the house cup.

The other students don't correct homeworks and the help teachers had to much homeworks. So I think there must be more help teachers or maybe a better reward for students, so that they correct homeworks.

Because it is not funny to wait four or five weeks for your note.


This shouldn't be happening. If the homework isn't corrected by five other students after seven days, the teacher or assistant teacher of that course can correct it and you get the note they give you.