Allow characters to have autism on WoO under certain conditions

Jake Hamilton 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 7

I think we should be allowed to roleplay as autistic characters on WoO if we can prove that we can RP with the condition with respect. Being autistic myself IRL this could be a good idea for others with the condition if they want to RP with it.

This is something you will want to talk about with the leader of that site with, as each site has different rules ❤

Bad idea. It could trigger other users.


If someone is autistic in real life and want to roleplay with a character as close to him/her as possible, I can definitely see this being a deep wish.

Autism has many forms right? Maybe you could give more explanation of how it would express itself in a character? If people understand it better, you might get more reactions. :)

What about learning disabiliies and mental disorders?


These are both very triggering and can upset many users. They will also be difficult to keep realistic and can upset those who have them / have family who have them if they are portrayed incorrectly.