Buy/earn house-elves as pets

Theo Cooper 3 years ago updated by FLD 3 years ago 1

Buy or earn House-elves

Something I think World Of Potter is missing are house-elves. Right now it is only possible to play in house-elves. I think it might be fun if you either had the opportunity to buy them, just like other pets, or open them through missions.

If it were to happen through purchases, I think these should be extravagant and expensive. In a much higher price range than, for example, the Pensieve, since in the wizard world, only the richest families who own house elves. In addition, I think there should be an age restriction, so, for example; you as 14 years old, do not have the opportunity to own such one, but instead you have to be graduated

If they were to be through missions, I think that in the same way, they should be age-blocked, so it's only graduates who can open this mission. I think the mission could be like the current "The Forbidden Forest" unilvering mission.

Reasons to launch this new feature:
- It could create a whole new dimension on the World of Potter.
- New opportunities to develop the page and enter the section on the page.
- Bring the whole house-elves concept to the World Of Potter.

(I would like to apologize in advance for my English).


Maybe it could be a mission in the world outside where only graduates can be?