NPCs for surprising plots

Amanda 2 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela / Zara 2 years ago 1

Sometimes while reading other peoples RPGs or writing one myself, I miss this special kind of suprising plot-twists or sudden danger that appears in the HP books.
I'd love if there would be the possibility of something happening completely unexpected while you are roleplaying. Like a sudden noise or gleaming eyes when you're having a late-night walk in the forest- maybe an attacking beast. Or one of the house ghosts (or Peeves) rushing through the corridors where you're talking to one of your friends. A house elf addressing you when you're sneaking into the kitchen. A portrait talking to you on your way to the classroom...and so on.
I could imagine to add the "NPC-job" to the present job list. (New colours, yay!^^)
People who apply for the job have to be active players who definitely conform to the RPG rules. They should get a maximum of surprising interventions per week and maybe some extra rules they have to attend to.
There should also be a rule for all the other players, that gives them the opportunity to make sure no surprise-NPC will join their RPG. For example they could write an "(s)" for "safe" after their topics title. 

I think many people would like the sheer possibility of something happening without them having it planned. It would make Hogwarts more real and magical, because that's the special thing about this school, isn't it?

Users already may join your topic unexpectedly and if you would like to have some other kind of creature, you can just rp it into your topic. This isn't exactly necessary and if you really would like this to happen, I'm sure another user would love to join your topic to spice things up a bit.