Your comments

It would be fun if you can set your patronus on your profile information.  You can set it once.

Well people can't reply within 1 minute, it would be better if you can change it within 1 or 2 minutes  so you can change some missspelld words.

So you can change it in 2 minutes time.

That would be nice we have a puzzle everymonth and sometimes I can'tpost it on the club in time if an other admin from the club who started the club with me can post it would be better.

Clubs realy need co admins.

Well we are 8 months further, at least they can give us some udate how far they are.


Maybe you can make it like Facebook is in a realtion ship with

Or is married with: example: Bas Zwarts.

The other person has to accept the application. That will be better because then will everyone just randomly fill in their realtionship status with a person "as a joke"without knowing from the person on the other side.

You will get an notification where you can accept it.