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Upping this again we really could use this!

I think this would be perfect. The list is really messy at this moment and it would be nice if we have the grad courses seperated.

but most questions are about things that happend in class. I know wox sites have the rules that you can't use questions about the what happend in class. But i know WoPnl does it like 6 out of 10 questions. I don't know what the favorite drink of the teacher is. Sure others will think the same way. 

I dont think it is very usefull, you get a warning before sending it in. Just learn to put the sources before making homework. It is more easier then creating a re-do button. You get more copied homework then now

this would be a great idea. 20 euro for only a name change is way to mutch. With the same amount of money you can change from student to adult. This should be a thing i voted yes for this!

on our site if you open the books they will lead you to the libary to help you with home work it is useless to delete a book from the shop ones you buy it. Why would you even, then you would not be able to buy it for someone because you have it already i dont think this is a good idea.

yes we need this so bad. !!!

Most codes work perfectly. you can see whatever works or not. I dont think it is nessary to have this, because explaining how every code works is very hard. Some pages like tessisamess has a guide with every code she makes. Most of the codes work on wop. And besides that you can always ask someone for help, there are a lot of people who knows how to make codes.

we already organized one on our site between the four houses and one of the teams organized the whole story