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I actually tried searching and couldn't find any such thing. Glad you linked it!

This has already been discussed. If you wish to do a private topic, do it in an owl.

I also suggest looking through already posted ideas before creating a new one.

Fantastic idea! Perhaps a little wand or something?

I'm not entirely familiar with this, but I've had issues with some URLs in the past. Try downloading the gif and upload it elsewhere, like Imgur, and try again.

That is if you're VIP. Gif's are only for VIP users - Also try and post in the right section. There's one for bugs ;)

makes perfect sense now. This was an idea before that update. Thanks for updating it!

Update: I am getting the level up posts now from pets <3

It has already been declined, no reason to comment here :)

Bumpety bump. Hopefully it might be possible soon <3

-Also a bump <3

It's one of the most upvoted things here. Try searching for the issue/idea before posting :D