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Ho should that work? I don't think it's possible.

That would be nice, since I never got that it doesn't work, because I'm not WIP. I thought it was just a bug.

I thought of that too, would be very nice.

I too think it would be cool to have a test for wands, 'cause in the series the wand chooses the wizard. I don't see the problem with not getting the one, one might want to get, since you get sorted into a house too, without knowing, if it would be the "chosen" one. Maybe it could be added the funktion to change the wand with money, like the house, blood, name etc. or the possibility to buy additional wands (like it's possible anyway). Or like miLLe said an optional sorting test.

Love this alone for the said ancient egyptian stuff. That would be really cool and maybe would help for a better understanding of Bill Weasleys wirk, right?

Sorry, but I don't think that's necessary. It may be a cool gimmick, though.

But I agree with Evelyn, there could be some more/higher achievements.

Sooo many classes!

But yeah, alchemy would be cool.

But there are filters? There's the button for "all users" and you can type in names and houses and the bloodtype. And then there's the job list.

But lookin' for special kind of useres like teachers or management is not that easy, that's true...

I don't like it either. Harry and the others couldn't have changed their houses either. I don't even really like, that you can change it at all.

Plus, like Evelyn said, you could just start another character.

That's really cool. I'm looking forward to it!