Your comments

Yeah, sometimes people write questions in the feedback and you can't answer 'cause they don't write their name, or just the surname or a nickname, that could go for many other people, too.

I agree with Avel.

But maybe it would be possible to create adult house teams for graduates.

I thought sex wasn't allowed in highest rated topics, neither.

Next question would be if you mean the character age or the RL age, I'm not quite sure about that.

I think it wouldn't be bad not to allow entering such a topic, but I guess to forbid the creating would be a little critical. Because I think, if <18s want to write sex scenes and can't create XXXXX-rated topics, they just start sex scenes in easier rated topics to avoid that rule. That kinda would destroy the sense of the rating-system.

Are there even new books?

Yeah, with level ten and upwards you can use the /me tag in chats and open own clubs. And you need to be at least level 5 to start RPG topics, if I'm not wrong. Any other options by leveling up?

Some little reward like a few galleons or sweets/drinks (for I feel there are not few people getting knocked out of hunger) would be nice, though. Not every level maybe, but kinda in steps of five or ten, for example. (Hope my English is understandable, seems a little wrong for me, myself, but I don't know better explanation).

Dein Deutsch ist vollkommen in Ordnung. (Your German's absolutely fine.)

Doesn't the Quibbler write about these topics, either?

Could be a fine thing, but not here I guess. Would be difficult with the individual profile pics but avatars would limit the options fatally.

Plus at most times most people are wearing the school uniforms anyway, except quidditch robes for quidditch of course, so it wouldn't make any difference. 

I totally agree with this. Would be more realistic since pupils aren't the exact same age in classes and with getting the letter at 11. Birthday before September all pupils should be 12 before the second year.