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For being a house journalist you do get paid 20 galleons a week like you would for a coloured job. For Quidditch that would be awesome for the players but i have noticed that they are always mixing up the teams so everyone who wants to do it can so it could easierly get complicated.

I just wanted to bring this back up as with the new interest update. I can't afford to feed them/ or unfaint them when I forget to feed them. I don't want to let them run away but I also don't want to set them free. i would love to give them to a friend that would take care of them and would love to have them

Going off what you both said. You could tell the users when they click on the muggle-born option telling them that they wouldn't be able to get sorted into slytherin or even saying it at the top of the sorting as a disclaimer so they are aware. I have been on the site for 18 months now and I didn't know this till I read this.

I tried messaging the HM she said she couldn't

I do have pets in the kennel but I lose far more then the 12 Galleons that it costs to keep my 4 pets in there. 

Just wanting to bring this back up as it is still an issue, and is worse then before