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'wizard card backer' achievement bug

~ Emma ~ 3 years ago updated by Miriam 7 months ago 10

Since today I've collected al the possible Chocolate Frog Cards possible yet, but the achievement stays locked. I don't know why this achievement stays locked or that there is a possibility that because of the future cards the achievement stays locked until all the possible cards are online. Or maybe it has a total another purpose. I would like to know if maybe other users experience the same thing or it is just me. (I have the collection completed so far at WoP NL) 


I believe the achievement Wizard Card backer is not, in fact, for if you've collected all cards, but is instead rewarded to anyone who supporter the kickstarter for the Chocolate Frog cards. I could be wrong, but that's most likely why you haven't gotten the achievement.


That could be a good possibility! If that's true then everyone should ignore this post and then I've got my answer! I just always thought you could get that achievement for collecting all the cards. It is just a little bit confusing that it does not say wherefore you can get it. Thanks for your input :)

This is correct and therefore the name, it is for those who backed up on the project with real money. So it is not a bug. If it was for all cards it would be called something like "collected all cards" but idk if they would make this because they makes new decks :)


Yeah, English is not my motherlanguage so I didn't understand it in the first place but someone already explained it to me. I can't delete the post so I'm sorry but it is clear to me now. Just as I said before, ignore it ;)

Hi, I don't understand, is it still possible to get the achievement? I tried to find information but as my English is not good I couldn't clear my doubts. 

You could be able to get the achievement by buying wizard cards with real world money.

Hi, I already did that but it's still locked. 


This achievement is for people that backed it, when it was being launched, as it required artists to make.

Ah! Alright, I get it now. Thank you ^^