Not a bug

There should be a Marvel and/or DC universe WO

Liz Warchal 3 years ago updated by brooklin 3 years ago 8

You would get superpowers and you would be a superhero, villain, or anti-hero. You would get a power choice of strength, healing, speed, mind reading, telekinesis, and just being really reach. 


It is definitly not a bug... But I think it is you who have to get the money before they make it, I have heard they don't make a new universe for free ^^


Oh my god, I would love a World of Superheroes! The Marvel and DC universe are the BEST <3

@Liz Warchal  - is it happening? The link to GoFundMe doesn't work for me, so I can't see how far you've got!

It's not the best site she have chosen because there you have to do a lot of stuff before you can fund. But idk if there has been anyone ^^