World of Potter UK (United Kingdom Site)

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UK site:

Me and many others believe having a United Kingdom World of Potter site would help develop the community and attract a wider range of Harry Potter fans reaching from England to Wales to Scotland and Northern Island, As currently there is not a lot of British people within the sites, But with United Kingdom site, This will help attract those fans who want to experience an amazing RPG site, A UK site will be a great magnet to attract all those wandering fans, Who don’t seem to be attracted to the EU or American site etc. Yes it will cost you money to open another site but with the hard work and commitment from other British WoP Users A United Kingdom WoP could grow making a wonderful community adding to the already amazing Community on EU/DK/US/NL. Of course if you need donation to help keep the site running, I’d be happy to pay £10 a month towards it staying open(Me Rodrik). Down below I have some of the Beneficial reasons why it would be beneficial. Also a Straw Poll which has IP checking enabled meaning Only one vote allowed per IP.(http://www.strawpoll.me/12673779/r)

A few Beneficial reasons:

  • A lot of British people may not have the confidence to speak to others from around the world, So it would be a more comfortable relaxing environment for them to feel safe in.
  • Britain is leaving the European Union, So it makes more sense for Britain to have it’s own site rather than being part the EU site, Of course people can still choose to go on EU site.
  • The Pricing for stuff like V.I.P will be in pounds, Rather than Euros making it more homely and people more likely to buy it as it’s a currency they know.
  • It could attract more people from Britain to World of Potter community, Which would benefit it a lot more! As there tends to be not many British people.
  • Having a domain like www.worldofpotter.uk would mean users from the UK could easily find the website.


I'm really satisfied with this! <3 Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and helped make this Happen! especially Chloe! <3 We did it! :D and thank you very much to Valentine,Flier and Sam accepting our idea! <3 You did amazing! again a big thank you! <3 This is just amazing! I'm proud of you all! 

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Good luck on this! it sounds awesome and could be a great opportunity


Sounds like a great idea :D


Thats a great idea tbh! Even tho we have the EU side many people feel discouraged with doing homeworks and grading or being active due to the huge amount of members on this site. Maybe they will feel a bit more encouraged when the community is smaller. Good luck with that! :) ♡


This sounds absolutely great! Excellent idea, fingers crossed!


I'd also, once my card is up and running, gladly pay some money monthly towards securing a site (:


Excellant idea and once i have a IRL job would also pay abit towards this


sounds like a good idea, i'd be happy to participate


really good idea , I'd be happy with paying monthly to keep it up and running as well


Thanks for all the support guys! :D


*Fingers crossed*! :D


*Fingers Crossed*! your welcome Rodrik, Also i will always Support World of Potter as on it almost all the time #Godoflurkers


Good Idea hopes it works out for you Rodrik


I think is a good opportunity to letting other users to know WoP.


I support this idea, very good opportunity


i think this is a very good idea ! I for one would be happy to join and help in any possible way!


Great Idea I will def join if they make one! :DDDDDDDDDDD <3


would definitely join if we got our own page X Lexie


150 postive votes super hyped


Hype Hype Hype Hype!!!!!!!!


This is a great idea!! A lot of UK people will love this


YES, So excited for this!!!


HYPE! I'm super exicted! :D


:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO itsa bout to be litttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!


Do we know what time frame this puts us at? This is going to be great!


This is amaze balls! Do we know when an announcement will be made?