More praticle means for correcting posts

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To whom it may concern,

Several members of the French WoP server and I have noticed a significant drop in the language correctness of official posts (such as courses or articles). Unfortunately, owls are the only way to report errors and typos and they can be taken as personnally offensive which prevents from reliably and efficiently correcting posts. As a matter of fact, it often discourages us to keep playing the game if we must regularily read poorly spelled articles, especially knowing that there is not much we can do.

Thus, we thought about proposing the creation of a new job/role of Reader/Corrector, who's task would be to spot mistakes and to provide a corrected version of the text to the relevant person.
As it would be a time consuming task (depending on the length of the articles or simply because the French language happens to be a real puzzle of rules and exceptions that would increase the correcting time even more), this would require a salary (of in-game currency of course) and a color distinction.

We then submitted this idea to our staff, they understood our position but told us that there was nothing they could do at their level, which made us bring the request higher.

We understand clearly that creating a role can be more complicated than what we might envision, and for that reason, we suggest another idea: a platform or forum dedicated to correction and spellchecking, where every player could report the mistakes he or she found, while providing a relevant correction and an explaination for this adjustment. Thus the members concerned by the corrections could correct their spelling mistakes themselves.

Here is a list of the benefits we found:

- A good example for the youngest players, reading misspelled text will not help them improve their spelling.
- Motivation to keep a high language level standard.
- Making correcting fun and engaging for people who like to correct.
- A sense of accomplishment and a pride to help the staff and changing the community in a good way.
- The ego of some will not get in the way of correcting articles anymore.
- Considerably reducing the medication expenses for people suffering from eyebleeding due to a high exposure to poor spelling.

(As a proper French person I request your indulgence for my poor English.)

It's a lovely idea! I love this because, sometimes, I do some mistakes and I'm happy when people told me I did one in one of my courses, or one of my books... Plus, when people make really HORRIBLE mistakes, I lost my vision for a few hours :c. 

So yeah, it's a really good idea! ♥


Thanks for the support ^^ and thanks again for listening to the poor soul who only wanted to keep their eyes from dying x)


It's a great and interesting idea, I hope you will have what you want :)


Hi there <3

I firmly believe this idea would not be a useful addition to the FR site - nor to any site.. Not because there are no spelling mistakes around (there are, indeed, and on all sites) ; but because there are already people whose job is, partly, to correct them.

Let me explain myself. You've talked about spelling mistakes in : articles, classes (and I'll add the books because I believe you forget them) But who is in charge of them ? Easy guess. There is a teacher for each course, a CE for each paper, and even a wonderful LibraryLeader.

Then the solution is simple : just report the mistakes to them. Polite owl, hey, spotted a mistake here, indeed thank you, corrected, bye. As easy as this. You must understand nobody has a perfect spelling, nobody can proofread perfectly, especially when posting at 2am. Therefore, we wouldn't take such a report owl as an offense, but actually as a nice help and even a warning for us to be more careful when proofreading. 

Now, you'd tell me : I'm not going to send an owl for each article that is posted. 

I totally get you. But in this case, and if you notice one journalist, one teacher, one paper, one leader, actually writes with lots of spelling mistakes and you find it annoying for the site, then I'd suggest you to, guess what, contact them. Because we are always looking for your advice on what we should and could better in our job. Again, if you're polite and respectful and all, then the staffmember would surely take it into advice, maybe ask for help from another staffmember to proofread, anything, but they'll read it. Guess why ? Because, once again, it's their job. 

And if we already have people whose job is to proofread everything their team does, then why would we need to create another special colour for it ? 

Maybe a team would do it better. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't, because in this special superheroes team we'd need some Academicians to be sure nothing can hurt poor Frenchies eyes, but sadly all those who are available, active, creative and rule-abiding on FR, don't have an Academician-worth French level. Therefore, a correctors team, besides of being, in my opinion, quite useless (and think of the time we'd have to fair for an article to be published if it first has to go through 3 proofreadings from correctors), would also be impossible to create.

I hope you understand my point of view, 

~ Maman Abricot


Amen. It would take way too long and spelling/grammatical mistakes are human. Even if this job were to be added, it's not 100% sure all mistakes would be gone. Sometimes when reading an actual IRL book there'll be spelling mistakes, too, and that was proofread by someone who's actually  studied for it. So, no, I can't support this idea, and I'm fairly sure a similar idea has been submitted and rejected before...